About Us - מסעדת לחם בשר בהרצליה פיתוח

לחם בשר
Meat and Eat4David Remez St. Hatahana Harishona, Kikar David Remez, JerusalemTel: 1-599-500505number for private party : 052 -855-1855Kashrut Rabanut Yerushalayim and Rav Machpud MehadrinOpen Sunday - Thursday: Noon - 11:00 pm. Friday: Noon - 2 hours before Shabbat.Open Motzei Shabbat: One hour and a half after Shabat - 11:00 pm.Closed Shabbat

Meat and Eat

Meat and Eat Restaurant (Hebrew: Lechem Basar) In Jerusalem's train station (Hebrew: Hatachana) offers high quality dishes at affordable prices. In the spirit of its location, Meat and Eat combines new and old. The decor is an eclectic mix of retro furniture scattered about and shared tables next to intimate areas and a modern bar
About The Meat and Eat Menu
Meat and Eat combines two passions: the passion for good meat and delicious Taboun oven-baked bread. Steaks, hamburgers and a selection of different types of meat and chicken are served with quality bread and refreshing salads.
The starters range from the taboun-baked focaccia, to quinoa, chicken salads, stuffed vegetables, pastries stuffed with lamb, meat carpaccio, and Corvina Fish Ceviche.
Meat and Eat main courses salute meat dishes: Lamb, Sirloin, Entrecote, Beef, Chicken and Burgers. Fish is also available
Whoa - it is not only about meat and bread. Desserts at Meat and Eat are remarkable: Apple crumble, Cookielida, Malabi, Profiteroles, Kadaif, Chocolate mousse, Chocolate Souffle. Count me in.
Meat and Eat is available for private parties for up to 100 guests. A VIP room can host up to 30 guests
number for private party : 052 -855-1855